Dissabte, 10 Novembre 2018, 19:30h.

  • Auditori Municipal

  • Informació de l'esdeveniment

    - Ja a la venda


    Organitza: Clavaris de la Mare de Déu del Carme 2019.

    Un clásico de finales de los ochenta que vuelve con más fuerza treinta años después. El musical ‘Chiquilla’, reúne todos los grandes éxitos de la banda valenciana Seguridad Social.


Saturday, 1 December 2018, 18:00h.

  • Auditori Municipal

  • Event information

    - Now available until Saturday, 1 December 2018, 17:00

    - Capacity: 543

    - Numbered tickets

    - Regular ticket 7.00€

    - Reduced ticket 5.00€

    (Under 3 to 13 years, retired people and jove card owners of. Accredit at the entrance of the event.)

    Once acquired the ticket will not be changed or refunded.
    For the day of the event 5% of tickets are reserved.
    All the shows make their wait for courtesy and the entrance to the show will not be allowed once the show begins.


    Through the language of flamenco and contemporary dance, they are dancing three geometric figures. Two are round and the other is square. His form and his dance are "different". Attracted by a festive call to the big house, the little rounds pass through the door without problems. But little square can not happen. The door is round and does not fit. The little rounds tell her to change her identity, her form, her dance ... but she, proud and "flamenca", wants to maintain her integrity. Dancing, they try to find a solution, sometimes in a funny and clownish way. Until, in the middle of a dance for joys, they find the way to pass: It is the door that must change and not her!

    You can all go to the party and dance while maintaining their ways of being.